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【Animal Crossing New Horizons】 Cafe Design Ideas – Outdoor Cafe Guide 【ACNH】 – JeuxPourTous

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Check out this Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) guide on how to make an outdoor coffee! Get coffee design ideas including coffee furniture, kitchen items and signs!

How to make a coffee

Good items to have

  • Coffee related articles
  • Tea service
  • “Iron” series furniture (DIY)
  • Simple fences or panels
  • A renovated house
  • Other island infrastructure
  • Island design tool
  • Custom designs

The number and type depends on you

As with any island design project, the size of your business depends on you. The size you choose will determine the number of items you need, so be sure to plan accordingly! Remember that if you involve the Island Designer tool or other existing infrastructure on the island, the whole project will take a little longer to complete.

Prepare a ground

Coffee Spot

First, choose where your coffee will go. The scale of your cafe will change radically depending on whether you choose to have two floors and what you make of the walls! It is also possible to renovate your house and turn it into coffee.

Pave The Floor

Ground laying

Lay the floor of your coffee before placing furniture! This will make the whole process much easier, as you can see exactly how much space you are processing. It is also easier to partition the area into sections this way!

Make a kitchen / counter


To serve food and drink in your establishment, you will need a kitchen! The exact items you place will depend on the cafe you're going to, but you can't go wrong with basics like a sink, stove and coffee maker! Remember to separate the area away from the main area.

Plan the layout of your table and chair

Customer tables

Once the space reserved for your backroom employees is complete, install the tables and chairs for the customers! Don't just settle for tables and chairs – try adding a shelf of spices and seasonings, or a place where customers can drop their dishes to make your coffee even more real!



Any good coffee must have a fantasy to attract customers – use custom designs to design your own logo or use one online!

Consult our list of personalized signs + QR codes

Useful furniture for a cafe

Kitchen items

Customer seat area

Recommended fences

Our Café – Showcase

Our writer's cafe


WriterWriter G I was going here for a realistic coffee. I made a second floor and made it an exclusive dining space. This particular design required a huge amount of wood, which was difficult. I hope you can even use some of my coffee to inspire your own creations!

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